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Ambassadors Program

Join our exclusive program to help promote Quito as a congress destination with the aim of

  •  Increase the number of international congresses and conferences to the city of Quito.
  • Increase the competitiveness of the city in relation to other destinations.
  • Recognize and appreciate ambassadors for their contribution to meetings tourism, as well as the representation of the city of Quito.
  •  To promote important economic sectors in the city of Quito, including science, research, computer science and technology.
  •  Greater scope in winning applications in conjunction with city and Quito Tourism professionals
  • Improve professionalism in the events held in Quito.
  • Contribute to civic pride in a destination.

If you are a professional or expert who has a relationship with professional associations, is part of an international organization or is an entrepreneur who lives, works or was born, studied, researched or made publications, works of art etc. in Quito, please contact us at m Our team, in cooperation with the main members of the industry, offers assistance and consultancy free of charge to ensure that your event runs smoothly and that delegates receive the best experience at the Centre of the World.

Guide of procedures for your event

If you need to make your event in some public areas (streets, squares, markets and parks) of the City, you must follow some steps that are detailed in the attached PDF. The procedures must be done at least 21 days before the required date. Write to us for advice at


Metropolitan parks and green areas

Quito has 1422 parks and squares where you can hold your event covering more than 2000 hectares. For more detailed information click on the pdf.